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5 Things for you to do while wait for your Rescheduled Wedding day

Corona virus has become the worst nightmare one could have never imagined. You would have been waiting for your special day, to enjoy and capture joyful moments with dashing wedding decor, delicious dining and much more. But it seems that you will have to wait a little longer.

Yet it is for sure you can party harder when this situation is over. In the meanwhile there are many things you can do which you would have skipped earlier. Here is a list of five activities you can do on your wait. This list has been filtered out by a very few traditional wedding planners for the goodness of the bride and the groom in order to reduce the last-minute rush.

Attire Test drive

Attire Test drive - wedding knot
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A very few get time to wear their wedding costume ahead of their wedding day, so now that you are being quarantined, you have a lot of time for attire trials to make yourself confident and comfortable.

“A wedding means years of relationship out of hours of standing”

Put on those shoes; get dressed up in your wedding costume and sparkle yourself with those stunning jewellery. It is indeed a pleasure to step right in front of the mirror to glare yourself as a princess becoming a queen or a prince becoming a king.


Keep your guests informed

Keep your guests informed - Wedding knot
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A wedding without families, friends to make fun and laugh is just a business meeting. So make sure you call or send a text to every guest, to have them informed with the later date for your wedding.

It is also important to share your rescheduled dates and plans with your wedding planner as well.



Honeymoon Logistics

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Every man and woman wait for their honeymoon day, to share love in a beautiful location. As most of the countries in the world have been affected by the corona virus outbreak, it is not going to stay forever. Good days are yet to come. So better get in touch with your Wedding Planner in Chennai/Nagercoil once the caution is over.

When corona virus is gone you can enjoy the time with your loved one in your desired destination.


Eat well and Stay hydrated

Eat well and Stay hydrated
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“Dehydration leads to stress, so always stay hydrated”

Staying back home doesn’t mean you can have large pizzas and watch your favourite episodes just being on your couch. A day gone is a day lesser to your wedding, so tone up your body. Eat healthy food to stay away from laziness and stay hydrated, as staying hydrated is a must to lead a stress-less life.



Write to your loved one

Write to your loved one
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Due to technical advancements, Whatsapp and texting have replaced the habit of writing letters. But the true feeling comes out of writing a letter has never changed. So write to your loved one about how you feel and share it when you meet them in person. As a matter of fact, letters have the power to express true feelings.

These are a few things you can do while you wait for your special day, on this corona virus epidemic.

Coming to an end, it is just your marriage that has been postponed and not your love. Nothing can stop you from loving each other not even corona virus or tsunami. Love each other and live happily ever after.