Wedding Planning

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When someone else’s happiness is your happiness, that is love.

As you take this new step in your life that graces new joy and moments, we at Wedding Knot put your happiness as our happiness to make every moment of your love journey get etched in thoughts and memories.

Right from pre-wedding to post wedding celebration we got them all covered.

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Pre-Wedding Offerings


We all know that good food = good mood. And great food can make celebrations more celebratory. Food fills the stomach and the heart. In the affair of celebrating love, we provide the best catering customised to your preferences giving the guests extra reasons to love your wedding.

Hospitality and travels

We at Wedding Knot, take complete incharge of making your guests at ease and comfortable. We provide hospitality and travel facilities right from accommodation to arrangement of vehicles we ensure all of it is taken care of.

Bride Groom Costumes

Gowns to sarees, Veshtis to Sherwanis we can make you the best dressed bride and groom in town.

Wedding Cakes

We arrange and get you the best wedding cake that can be customised giving a tinch of fun in your traditional ceremonies.

Venue Selection

Want your wedding to be like a typical big-fat Indian wedding or have an intimate cute wedding? We can help you in both when it comes to choosing the perfect venue for the best price that fits your budget.

Bachelor Parties

We at Wedding Knot add more masala and fun to your bachelor and bachelorette party. Songs, Dance and what not. Get your party clothes ready to hit the dance floor

Wedding Day Offerings


Are you dreaming of a thematic wedding? A retro or Minimalism? Choose any theme and we can make it happen for you.

Mc's & Hostess

We do all the talking and you guests will be all ears. We have our own professional MCs who can handle the wedding like a pro.

Photo & videography

Capturing every moment that lasts a lifetime is what we believe in and hence offer you the best photo and videography to make THE DAY more memorable with our professional team of photographers and videographers who recreate our favourite rom-coms.

Entertainment & Sounds

We can arrange for the perfect orchestra that can play your favourite playlist to other entertainment shows that can keep your guests glued to their seats quite literally and oh they can rock the dance floor as well if the DJ plays some amazing mashups.


We take care of on-venue facilities and hospitality offerings to ensure your guests have a wonderful experience at your wedding and they are giving personal care and always been attended to.

Makeup & Styling

Of course, beauty is in the eye of a beholder. But we can make you look beautiful and handsome effortlessly. We got professional makeup artists and stylists just for you.

Post-Wedding Offering

Gifts / Giveaway

As a token of love, we make beautiful hampers or gifts for all your guests for gracing the occasion with their presence.

Customized Honeymoon Packages

Now that the wedding is done, we know you deserve the perfect honeymoon to get the perfect escape from the reality to celebrate the dreamy relationship that you have. We at Wedding Knot, give you special and customised honeymoon packages that are flexible.

Apart from these we offer each of these services separately that you can choose as a package. We offer packages like

Photography Packages

Décor Packages

Food Packages for your wedding.

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